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Winner of the BIC ITC AWARD 2019

Last October, we entered the Individual Topic Competition for Quality and Equitable Education, held by Enactus UK in conjunction with BIC.

We are proud to announce that we are the chosen winners out of 5 finalists for 2019-2020's ITC. It has been a thrilling ride and we're glad to see our work and progress recognised.

We have received a grant and are proud to name BIC as one of our advisors for this coming year. We will build on our advisors' knowledge and utilize the grant to develop a more holistic and well-rounded programme and create more opportunities through education for the women we serve. 

A big thank you to Enactus UK and BIC for believing in us and our cause! We will continue to strive for inclusivity through and by education for vulnerable women and girls. 



Business Meeting


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Creative Start

Our flagship programme that aims to equip our students with essential business skills to run a business.

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We organise panels to spark conversations about women in entrepreneurship and increase much needed awareness for women in this sphere. 


Creative Cycle is a project run by the LSE branch of Enactus UK, designed with the aim of empowering women through entrepreneurship. We aim to use education as an enabler for vulnerable women and girls - increasing access to knowledge and opportunities not always available to them.

We run courses, workshops, networking sessions and speaker events to level the playing field for underprivileged women and girls, creating opportunities for growth and improvement.

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